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This 9-day Ghana vacation takes you across the country from the capital Accra to the historic castles and forts of Elmina and the remnants of the Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi. It features first-class accommodations and private tours. 

Your journey begins in Accra, the Ghanaian capital which sits on the Gulf of Guinea. Get to know this busy city that blends colonial fortifications and mansions with bustling markets and beaches. A city tour will take you from the 17th-century colonial castle of Christiansborg to Independence Square, where the Black Star monument celebrates the nation’s independence. At the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, you’ll learn about the nation’s first president, before ending your day at the Arts Centre, where you’ll get to practice your bargaining skills as you shop for local arts and crafts. 

Head down the coast from Accra and reach Kakum National Park, home to one of the last rainforests in West Africa. Stroll along the canopy walkway to see butterflies, hornbills, and monkeys in the trees. After descending to the earth, continue to Cape Coast to learn about the infamous slave history of the region. You’ll visit Cape Coast Castle, a 17th-century Swedish fortification, before continuing to Elmina to see the white-washed Portuguese castle of Elmina, the first European structure built in sub-Saharan Africa. Afterwards, you’ll continue your exploration of the colonial past with a walk up Jago Hill to reach Fort Saint Jargo, which helped the Dutch assault Portuguese fortifications in the region.

Continue your journey along the coast and reach the Slave River near Assin Manso, where slaves were transported to ships along the gulf. Reach Kumasi, the former centre of the Ashanti Kingdom, which ruled the region in previous centuries. Explore the city and visit the Manhyia Palace Museum to learn more about this important kingdom and its legacy across the country. You’ll also learn about the Ashanti’s cultural legacy with visits to three craft villages where you can shop for local fabrics and textiles in addition to learning about unique artistic practices. 

Turn back towards Accra and stop at a Besease Shrine in the town of Eljisu, where you can visit 10 shrines dedicated to different spirits and gain valuable insight into the ancestral religious traditions of the area. Reach Accra, where you’ll spend your final two nights. On your final full day, head into the Volta Region to take part in a traditional naming ceremony, joining a musical celebration along with local elders and villagers. 

At the end of your stay, head to the airport to connect back home.